Monday, December 21, 2009

Updating the Software of the Vagina ♀

Female readers, you probably have told to yourself at least once the following:
"Why Do I have to bleed every month from my vagina, put some tampons to avoid blood or yellowish stains on my panty and have abdominal cramps? and all this for nothing!"
I concur: what a waste of energy and unnecessary suffering.

All this is because of the archaic technology of the menstrual cycle: in terms of Informatics, the vagina is rudimentary and kludgy.
Indeed, the vagina is blind to the information of whether you have decided this month to have a baby, so much so that it naively and egoistically lays an egg in the womb periodically on a monthly basis... without your consent. >_<

The nature of Humanity is to exceed the limits of its own humanity and the vagina is no exception.
Women life has evolved much faster than their genitals have.
Wouldn't be great to be able to push a "lay an egg now" button after you've decided to? :)

Well, for that, we have to re-program the body but the good news is that will be within reach in less than two decades when we update the software of the Vagina, through Genetics for instance.


  1. I hope I could know how to update my own software =)

  2. what is the (insert own meme here) between cyberdada ( & vns matrix and this ?

  3. Shiho, I know that you are fed up with your useless, painful, not so beautiful sticky periods.

  4. Anonymous guy or girl, well i think we have strong common points with cyber punk culture in the sense that we want to contribute to the digitization of the world to enrich human experiences drastically.
    But I think we don't need to be punk, that means marginalized to be successful.

    And regarding the VNS matrix, my understanding is that those folks wanna promote the importance of the "cunt" as a sexual information processing device.
    So bye bye to a cunt whose purpose is to reproduce human species.

    I agree completely on that.