Sunday, January 17, 2010

A virus remover for your body

This post was originally written in Japanese by Takako Endo and has been translated into English by Pascal Hideki Hamonic
The original post is: "ウイルス除去ソフトを体内に。"

[Don't you dream of a body that will never catch a cold?]
With such a virus remover, you'll be able to input a software inside your body, that will be constantly updated whenever a new virus comes up.

That will result in a body that is constantly healthy.

If possible, I want to get it right now but it still seems difficult to accomplish such a biological virus remover.
Is it a fantasy or delirium from my side?
Well I think that it's in fact realistically possible.

An example: the ranking of the most deadly diseases from 1900 to 2001.
1920's first cause of death is pneumonia.

Nowadays almost nobody dies from pneumonia. Why? Because there are vaccines for pneumonia.

In 90 years of scientific progress, the mechanisms that lead to pneumonia have been discovered. Therefore vaccines have been created.
In addition, the speed of progress is increasing.
Therefore, we don't die anymore from AIDS if we use the right drug. It's even said that medicine whose goal is to reduce the
activity of the virus has already been created in the USA.
This is what has been told recently.

No doubt that 2010 is the year of the 3D: 3D cinema, 3D TV...
LG, the Korean company has already released such TV sets.
But why 3D has been become possible?.
Well, because the mechanisms that lead to a 3D perception have been isolated.
The 3D feeling is produced when each eye sees the same 16 images per second.
And the human brain is fooled.

Once the mechanism is understood, then innovation becomes possible.
In not too distant years, it will be possible to get a software that will remove almost instantly all the viruses living inside your body.
And it's also possible that a new world, the world of 4D, will show up.
But we have to assume that there will be no "evil" people that would want money and power, to the detriment of technological progress...

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  1. Sure, it's that simple;
    As a patternist, I'd say the following:
    1) first find a pattern
    2) and then design a process that implements it or is based on it.

    As for the ill-spirited people that are greedy and nasty, they'll exist.
    You are either optimistic or pessimistic.