Thursday, December 17, 2009

Updating the Software of the Penis ♂

Male reader, have you ever wondered why you can feel "guilty" after you ejaculate in your condom?
Haven't you thought at least once that you were perverting the function of your penis when having sex just for pleasure, in the sense that the sperm you are outputting at your climax doesn't reach the womb of a female?
Don't you sometimes wonder how to stop unwanted births?

Well, I asked these questions many many times and I found a global answer.
The nature of Humanity is to go beyond one's Humanity and, as for Sex too, there is no exception. It's just that Humans have evolved faster than their genes so that most of males now have sex way much more for pleasure than for replicating themselves.

It's time we separate Pleasure and Reproduction.
One way to do that is reprogramming our body and updating the software of the penis thanks to Genetics, which I believe will be possible within less than 2 decades from now.

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    this is what we can do at

    one remark.

    memes evolve much faster than genes.