Friday, July 6, 2012

Reconnecting to the Divine Source

The silence was quite long. But it was so much worth it. 
We realized that we were wrong in our assumption that the brain is a computational device and the bad news that you denied it was actually a very good one :)
There's so much more to the brain than reducing it to a Turing architecture.
We have reconnected to the Divine Source and now gotten ourselves out of the dark energy that blinded us from the Truth. The trigger was the last artificial earthquake endured by Japan in last 2011, on March 11th. We know the cabal was responsible for that and we now have the responsibility to spread the Truth and Light to other inhabitants of Earths, as much as possible.

We'll be investigating, publishing and organizing workshops on the following subjects (including but not limited to)
Financial System and Banking Cabal
Technologies that have been kept secret (free energy, teleportation etc ...)
Disclosure on ETs

and all other subjects that spread the Light and Truth.
Thanks for your support and follow us on @bunkersofa /@bunkersofism 

Selamat Ja!  (Be in joy in Sirian)

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