Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why MISS JAPAN UNIVERSE 2009 EMIRI MIYASAKA did not win - ミス・ユニバース・ジャパン 2009 宮坂絵美里の美について




* 外見=グラマラス、肌がやけている、グロスリップス、笑顔
* 話しの中身=トイレ、スーパーヒューマン、世界中の言語を習いたいこと、水泳、寿司に変身したいこと




よって、MISS UNIVERSE 2009に選ばれるわけが、このビデオの時点から、無くなっていました。^^


I came across recently to the video interview of MISS JAPAN UNIVERSE 2009 EMIRI MIYASAKA and thought she was not beautiful, literally speaking.

Let me elaborate on my genuine impression on the beauty of Emily Miyasaka after viewing her video-interview☆
My definition of beauty is the following.
Beauty occurs when the inside fits 100% the outside.

In the video, I could notice several mismatches and these are the following:
- mismatch between the inside and the outside.
*outside=glam, suntanned, sunny, glossy, smiling
*inside= She is talking about "toilets", "being superhuman", "her will of learning all the languages of the world", "her love of swimming", "being transformed into sushi"

-->So her outside suggests she is generous and passionate, with a latin character
but she talks about sophisticated subjects and also comical facts... which adds more to the confusion as a judge.

- her speech and her body language are not well synchronized; in particular look at 1:08; she has a servile and forced smile as if she was told to do that while not being in her true character.

- impression that she caught a cold in her nose, which adds to the mismatch with her warmly made-up face^^

For all these mismatches, beauty does not occur in this video and subsequently her chances of being elected Miss Universe 2009 were wiped off from that point.


  1. Nice find buddy, うけれね :)

  2. julianamonik、素晴らしいポストだと思います。

    julianmonik, I think that your definition of beauty makes a lot of sense.
    Beauty or aestheticism is optimized when there is significant match between the external information and the internal information, that is to say, between what she looks like and what she says.

    It would be an extreme example, but let's assume that someone says that she's ugly. If, indeed, physically speaking, that same person happens to be ugly physically, i think there is a form of aestheticism that can be created.

    It will be fun to analyze in the same fashion the beauty of miss universe japan 2008,7 and 6.
    I will glad to do that.

  3. 批判をするのが簡単だけど、ちょっと楽しい。〜
    It' easy to criticize but it's fun.
    You are opening too much your duck-like mouth :)

  4. [jp]



    Emiri Miyasaka is on a TV show, "Gout temps nouveau" :