Friday, September 18, 2009

ミスユニバース水着審査とスカーフ / Miss Universe swimwear performance and scarf




2-あのスカーフって空気の中で動かされて、観るのも楽しいです。従って、目がスカーフにも行ってしまい、女性の顔、おっぱい、そしてあの黄金の三角への負担はいくらか減ります。 ^^) これでビキニの性的な要素が減ります。




I was wondering why the Miss Universe candidates have to hold that long scarf during the swimsuit competition performance.

I came up with 3 main reasons.

1- As both hands are linked to each other, there is a synchronization between the rhythm of the left part of the body and the right part of the body --> it emphasizes their physical balance.

2- As it's fun to see the scarf being moved in the air, it gives the viewer another focus point for the eyes, besides the face, the boobs and that "sexual triangle" --> it decreases the sexual aspect of the overwhelming bikini. ^^)

3- As the girls can shake the scarf violently (especially at the end), it gives them an aggressive aspect --> it gives them a masculine aspect so that women in the audience can enjoy fully the show.


  1. このビデオでは、ビジュアル的なMemeplexのコラボがよく見られることができます。
    - 女性らしさのmemeplex= Riyo Mori
    - 猫系の発情のmemeplex= 水着のテーマ
    - 生産性のmemeplex=スカーフ


    It is interesting to see the collaboration between visual memeplex here,
    - the memeplex of feminity and woman=Riyo Mori
    - the memeplex of the feline aggressiveness = swimwear theme
    - the the memeplex of the fecundity = the scarf

    The human brain of course unconsciously interprets and processes theme and as a whole picture that emerges, I have the image of a powerful, aggressive and fecund being = the very features of women, when they used to control over men