Friday, September 25, 2009

ロエベが100mlの香水を1万円で売れる秘密 - Why Loewe can sell you a 100ml fragrance for more than 100 bucks


The product is a memeplex and the added value is the information embedded by this memeplex

先日、表参道のロエベ店で香水「Loewe Pour Homme」を購入しました。
ただの珍しくもない材料で作られているのに(Italy CitrusとBergamoteなど)、1万円超もするんですよ。みなさん、材料のわりには結構高いと思っていないのでしょうか?

「Loewe Pour Homme」という製品は購入者の脳にとって、情報に溢れたリッチなミーム複合体なんです。


スライドショーと同じ順で、「Loewe Pour Homme」香水は次記のミームを含んでいます。

(pic1) ミーム1:バッグ-> 自分に「愛」のチョコプレゼントなど
(pic2) ミーム2:シール-> ハバナ高級タバコ
(pic3) ミーム3:バッグの底のロゴーマーク-> 四つの「L」が4倍のラブ!
(pic4) ミーム4:領収書->高級ホテルに宿泊した感じで贅沢な旅行!
(pic5) ミーム5:箱->黄金のチョコ
(pic6) ミーム6:ボトルの上 ->ボトルのふたはレザー付きで、高級車のギアーを思い出す!
(pic7) ミーム7:小型手引き->ロエベの香水は魔法だ!
(pic8) ミーム8:ボトル->高級オリーブオイルみたいで、命にいい☆など

ということで、pic9 でお分かりになったかと思いますが、「製品」とは、正に「ミーム複合体」であり、「付加価値」はそのミーム複合体が組み込む「情報」です。


The other day, I went to Omotesando Loewe to buy myself a perfume from them;
The name is : Loewe Pour Homme .
Even though the fragrance is not at all made of rare and precious substances (just some Italy Citrus and Bergamote), this cost me more than ¥10,000.
Don't you think it's expensive relatively to the ingredients and the quantity?

For my part, I came to the point where I do not think so anymore. As a matter of fact, I understand now that it is not a mere fragrant liquid.
Loewe Pour Homme is in fact a rich memeplex full of information for the purchaser's brain.
And it is for the very reason that the product is this memeplex that they can add value and justify the price.
The more memes, the more the added value!

Please have a look in full-screen at the slide-show . Once in full-screen, if you click Info, for each pic, a short description in terms of memes will appear;

In the same order as showing up in the slide-show, Loewe Pour Homme contains the following memes; for each meme, I mention below the induced information i.e. what it makes my brain think of.

(pic1) Meme1: Bag ->"Chocolate Love present for yourself"
(pic2) Meme2: Seal ->"Havana luxury cigar"
(pic3) Meme3: Logo mark at the bottom of the bag -> "4L is representing Love in Power 4"
(pic4) Meme4: Receipt-> "You are in precious trip and you are stopping at a luxury hotel"
(pic5) Meme5: Package -> "Golden Chocolate"
(pic6) Meme6: On the bottle ->"The bottle's cover is in leather, reminding you of sports luxury car's gear"
(pic7) Meme7: Warranty tiny pamphlet -> "Magical incantation inside"
(pic8) Meme8: Bottle -> "Like a high-quality olive oil bottle, this is good for your vitality!"

So, as you must have understood in pic9, the product is a memeplex and the added value is the information embedded by this memeplex!
Next time you design a new product, think about about this bunkersofism;)


  1. その物自体ではなく、ニューロンにどんな影響を及ぼすのかが肝心です。

    the physial product itself does not matter.
    it s the information conveyed by the product that matters.
    or the effect on the neurones.

  2. julianamonik, you forgot to mention that there is the whole purchase experience included in that memeplex.
    The furniture inside the shop, the make up of the shop assistant.