Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bunker Talk - Take 1

A couple of weeks ago, we had that first Bunker Talk with:

Rick ,
Jawaad ,
@Karamoon and
Floyd .

A Bunker Talk is just a few hours chat about various topics, including singularity, computation, memetics, done at the Bunker.

In the slideshow, you can see that Rick is trying to repair my PC. But it's not related to hacking at all...

So don't worry hackers of Tokyo. I am not trying to build a Tokyo Hacker Space competitor,
{name} by {username} although I don't think that competition is a bad memeplex.

By the way, my PC is still dead...But who cares?


  1. Ha. Yeah. I fixed the switch though.

    If you guys can run the Western Digital diagnostic cd (, it might shed some light. Though I suspect the drive is dead.

    I'd open a ticket with Acer support because the warranty is likely close to expired. Might make the difference between a free replacement hard drive, or paying for a replacement yourself.

  2. Rick, I sent them an email (Customer service). no answers so far.
    I will phone them on Monday.

    If I rely on the date of purchase, I still have some time. I bought it in October.