Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Books as software for the mind...

What is the software for the human brain?
This is the question I am trying to solve here.
But I know, I cannot solve it within just a blog post. It's not so easy to hack the
human brain...
So I will just illustrate, by a short video, a belief, my belief, the
belief of BunkerSofa
that books are in fact, software for the mind.
I actually believe that I upload information from books by using images recognition
through my eyes, decode that into linguistic information and then extract eventually the concepts that will comprise the newly created patterns, which will
modify the wiring of my brain. That set of patterns can be regarded as a new software, for my mind. At BunkerSofa
, we read a lot of books with 3 of them being essential.
3 books, 3 theories that are fundamental for the innovation at the Bunker.
Memetics with "The meme machine", Technological singularity with "the Singularity is
near" and Computation with "a new kind of science". (Although I am skeptical about this one.)
Also, BunkerSofa is interested in rationalizing sexuality 
, including man-woman relationships and even more...but this time nothing about it. Sorry girls and guys...

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