Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I recently coined the term of "pichipichi" to specify any fresh, young, fashionable, Japanese girls, especially if they are 22, wearing miniskirts, and are being watched by foreign guys.

The dictionary gives the following English definition: " fresh, young and lively girls".

The term is also used to describe fresh and vivid fish....Japanese speakers can have a look at the following Japanese definition.

I always thought that Pichipichis were like 鮎 (ayu).
Ayus are cute.
Their skins are shining as if they had put some pink/yellow foundation on their cheekbones....
They are slim and smell like fish.

A lot of similar points with Pichipichis, I think, at least from my perspective.

PS: "pichipichi" has an important sexual aspect in Japanese language. It s not incompatible with my definition, at all...

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  1. Very perceptive and relevant metaphor; important and right to the point insight.
    I do not agree with "they smell like fish" though